The World Before Her: A Talk with Bernadette Murphy


(Image credit: Luca Galuzzi,

Bernadette Murphy is a fearless chronicler of her own life. Her most recent memoir, Harley and Me, traces a journey of discovery that eventually led her from old, imprisoning circumstances and into a new understanding of herself and what she wants from life.

Oh, and there are motorcycles.  Let’s not forget the motorcycles.

As her former life subsides, Murphy’s new life–including her passion for riding Harley Davidsons–rises in vivid, glorious color in this memoir.  In these pages you’ll even encounter the familiar voice (if you grew up on TV’s “Happy Days”) of Henry Winkler, the one-and-only Arthur Fonzarelli.  Don’t misunderstand, though, Bernadette’s tale can be quite harrowing, too, especially as she faces the private traumas that have shaped her growth and evolution.

Call of the Siren recently talked to Bernadette about her writing process and the element of risk-taking that has been clearly rooted in her writing from the first time she ever took up a pen and started telling stories.

Enjoy, my beloved friends.

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