The Lost Art of Reviewing


I couldn’t have picked a better reviewer. The Los Angeles Review of Books’ choice of Geoff Nicholson on the works of Iain Sinclair is spot on for today’s lead piece. (The only other one I might have tried is that other proper prophet of psychogeography, Will Self.)

What Nicholson knows is that you don’t tackle the maker of Lud Heat and London Orbital with a typical review approach. Sinclair’s too expansive, too encyclopedic for that. It won’t do him justice. Instead, Nicholson’s LARB piece gives us an A to Z of Sinclair, and it works just right. Do yourself a favor and check it out, my beloved friends.

(Reviewing’s not a lost art, btw: the headline’s just a reference to a terrific book by Nicholson.)

Want to Write a Book? Here’s a Reality Check


Not all pictures are worth a thousand words, but this one certainly is.  It captures the point of this post better than any words.

Why do you want to write a book/book(s)?

There are writing coaches who want their clients to be clear about the story, but I also want them to be clear about their own expectations.  Nothing illustrates that more than the bargain shelves near the front of your local Barnes & Noble.

I was visiting mine last week. The bargain shelves were packed with the Great, the Inspiring, the Recently Celebrated in the pages of various literary publications … all of them selling for $6.99 or less now.

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