Not all pictures are worth a thousand words, but this one certainly is.  It captures the point of this post better than any words.

Why do you want to write a book/book(s)?

There are writing coaches who want their clients to be clear about the story, but I also want them to be clear about their own expectations.  Nothing illustrates that more than the bargain shelves near the front of your local Barnes & Noble.

I was visiting mine last week. The bargain shelves were packed with the Great, the Inspiring, the Recently Celebrated in the pages of various literary publications … all of them selling for $6.99 or less now.

Literary success is fleeting.  Fleeting.  Your reason for going on the writer’s journey has to be rooted in more than dreams of literary stardom, my best beloveds. That’s what the bargain shelves remind us about.

What are you going to do about your expectations in 2018?

Onward. Happy new year.


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