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As I’m coming up for air from my novel, finally, a recent article in The Guardian was waiting for me, floating on the surface …  The Guardian always seems to have something wonderful to say about writing at just the right time.

The paper asked six writers — each had been named as “Young writer of the year” —  for their wisdom.

They share much in common.  All of them are fighting for his/her solitude, which is so difficult to do today, so much demands our attention (I once thought critic Sven Birkerts’ refusal to have a cellphone was silly; now I’m beginning to really understand why he doesn’t).

What I especially enjoyed was novelist Ross Raisin’s comment on the nature of being a writer.  His attitude yanks validation out of the hands of the publishers and puts it back in yours again:

Make sure that you know why it is that you want to break into publication. And not to ask yourself this until after you have finished your book. Publication does not turn you, as if by magic, into a writer. You are already a writer. It’s important not to forget that.

If you need a little encouragement this holiday season, I urge you to continue reading that piece by visiting here.  It will be worth your time. It was worth mine.

And don’t forget to scoot on over to Entropy: the other constant, which is the site of novelist A.R. Williams, to follow the latest on her new dystopic novel The Camellia Reckoning.

Never give up, my dearest ones.


  1. Great! Great! Great!! This post was “just the ticket”, my friend, at a time when life has taken over and my writing is dwindling. I shall remember that I am a writer, and writers write!
    All the best, as always,

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