“Sometimes life needs time to catch up with me, and I need time to catch up with my life” — so says Janet Sunderland in one of her latest WP blog posts. She’s been posting some very nice auto-biographical insights, and you should check her out. I’m happy to reblog her on Call of the Siren since my blogging pockets are empty right now … and borrowing posts like this one nicely adds (steals) a little value for my blog!

Little Rock House in Austin Little Rock House in Austin

Beginning the journey again usually means knowing when to stop. Seems a contradiction in terms, beginning by stopping, but if life is nothing but dash, there’s no time for reflection or for seeing clearly, only for the passing tumultuous blur.

A week ago, I returned from a trip to Austin for the Austin International Poetry Festival. Those five days in Texas are a blur: workshops, attending readings, one of my poems was published in the anthology so I was part of that reading; in Bastrop, on Saturday afternoon, I gave another reading from At the Boundary.

We also had time to go by the little rock house where I once lived on a side street east of the growing Austin Interstate. We stopped and I looked, grateful it hadn’t been consumed by UT expansion.

cranesThis is mostly what Austin looks like now. Cars and cranes…

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  1. Thanks, Nick. As I said on Janet’s blog: Sometimes you have to be empty so you can be filled up. Hope you’re refilling/refueling. Thanks for sending me to her post

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