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Old lit crit dies hard

 A selection of reviews and other considerations done over the years.  Review: on Louis de Bernieres' new novel, "A Partisan's Daughter" (Bernieres is the author of "Corelli's Mandolin") Review/commentary: On J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" Review: On Nicola Barker's "Darkmans," a gothic novel nominated for the Man Booker Prize Review: On "Dracula's Guest," a dry-run for … Continue reading Old lit crit dies hard


The dreaded C-word

The health-related stuff that I've written is more important than anything else. This blog might be devoted to the realms of myth, but you can only really appreciate it when you and your family are healthy.  When a disease comes to visit, and won't leave, you couldn't give a holy $#@!& about Bilbo Baggins or … Continue reading The dreaded C-word