Why the ‘Siren’ Changed Her Name to IC

I've been blogging on my own site since 2012. Why did it take me so long? My day job as deputy book review editor of the Los Angeles Times was full of writing and blogging. When I left the paper, I missed seeing my words in print. I didn't just miss it--I felt like I … Continue reading Why the ‘Siren’ Changed Her Name to IC


Amirite? Has the Digital Age Killed Good Writing?

It doesn't matter if you're posting something only for your friends or advertising your skills to an employer, good writing in the digital age still matters. Amirite? (My auto-correct is fighting me on that word.  It keeps telling me that what I really want to say is "emirate.") BuzzFeed's Emmy Favilla has published a new … Continue reading Amirite? Has the Digital Age Killed Good Writing?

Introducing ‘Impressive Content’

Impressive Content replaces Call of the Siren, which was first established in 2012. The Siren's blog remains.  I will continue to celebrate books and writers, but Impressive Content is intended for a different purpose.  I will leverage my professional editing and writing background to address a multitude of writing needs and clients: authors/novelists, marketers, higher education marcom … Continue reading Introducing ‘Impressive Content’